Optimum Ways to Secure Your Door

Ricky Hooper - Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Optimum Ways to Secure Your Door


One of the most important things we all look for in a home is the feeling of security that it grants us. Beyond the walls that provide us serenity, the doors and particularly locks are of utmost importance. An unsecured door can even be a safety issue at times.

No matter how many people live in your home, no matter how many times you change locks, door security is always one of the top things to consider when embarking on a home improvement project. Here are five ways in which you can make sure that your locks and doors are impregnable.


1. Check the lock screws

Unless you've specifically checked when you had your door installed, chances are that you have three quarter inch screws on the strike plate and the door hinges. Those don't provide the trim around the frame with enough support, which makes it easier for the door to be kicked in. To add extra security, either replace the screws, or add more screws, helping the door grip into the door frame. This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to secure your door and it's something you can do yourself and or through an experienced locksmith.

2. Use a solid core door

If your door is composed of light material, it's a lot easier to break. As a matter of fact, when you reinforce the screws, it increases the need for the door itself to be a lot sturdier. A good way to check this is to see what the weight of the door is. Always look for a door that has iron or steel in its core, which fortifies it to a whole new level. Avoid hollow core doors - they might be good for your bedroom but not for your front door.

3. Fasten slipcovers where needed

Always make sure to fasten hardware covers around or under the lock in the door to increase its strength. These covers can be comprised of brass, iron or stainless steel.

4. Install an advanced security lock

This is by far the best way to protect yourself against more covert methods of unwanted entry. When you change the locks with more innovative ones, you can always count that they're more difficult to crack than normal ones. Always choose a trusted lock brand, look out for the resistance and the hardened metal construction, or consult with an experienced locksmith for the best choice for you and your home.

5. Strengthen the strike plates

Consider installing a longer, sturdier strike plate to your door. That way if brute force is ever applied to the door, the impact will be spread out through the plate and the multiple screws that hold it there. Furthermore, consider updating the metal to a stronger one, like steel.


Good door security does wonders for peace of mind, and it’s best implemented with experienced professionals. Follow these door strengthening tips and we guarantee that your home will be safe and sound!