How To Keep Your Car Safe From Break-Ins

How To Keep Your Car Safe From Break-Ins

Cars are investments, and every investment deserves the best in terms of security. This is especially important for tradies who often keep their tools in their cars, leave their car, and unfortunately end up as victims of theft.

Except for parking near a  camera, parking in a safe area, and activating a car alarm, there are other ways which can help you better secure your car.

Selectlok Security should be a priority for drivers even if cars were not at risk of theft. Not every car is built to the security standards of a luxury sports car, so drivers should realize that their vehicles have some common things that criminals can take advantage of. Here are some car security tips you can use to prevent any miscreants from breaking into your car and taking off with valuables and tools.

How to keep your car safe?

Keep your car doors locked at all times

Lock your car! Needless to say, remembering to lock your car doors at all times is probably the most crucial security measure to take. A lot of times thieves are on the prowl for car owners that forget to lock their doors and become easy targets for theft. And this doesn’t just apply to cars that are stationery, but also to cars in motion.

Don’t Leave Items Lying in Plain Sight

This is probably the most important deterrence factor, as miscreants will typically target a car when and if they see something worthy inside. By removing such items from plain sight, and hidden away underneath clothing, towels, or the likes thereof, you can significantly decrease the possibility of anyone wanting to break in.

Roll up the windows properly

It could be a 40-degree day in the summer and maybe you just need to step away from the car for 5 minutes, but that’s all the opportunity that those with mal intentions need. Whether you are stepping away from the car for 5 minutes or 5 hours, make sure to roll up your windows completely and not leave any gaps.

Park in sight of security cameras

Usually in Australia, most areas have security cameras, albeit only at some angles of the car park. If possible, do your best to park as close to these cameras as possible. The closer you are to a camera, the more chance of deterring a thief. And God-forbid should something happen, at least there will be evidence to point out someone and provide leads.

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By following these tips, you can easily reduce the chances of someone breaking into your car and taking away with tools or other valuables. Also, click here to view our extensive range of products to secure your valuables!

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