Pick The Right Lock: 5 Of Our Favourites

Pick The Right Lock: 5 Of Our Favourites

All locks are useful but not all locks are created equally. In terms of use, mechanisms, technology, and materials, each lock lends itself to a certain variety of uses. From folding t handle locks to slam locks. Figure out the perfect lock for your needs.

Here is how to pick the right lock

  • Slam Locks
  • Slam locks are an automatic lock that are generally used for security. Most commonly used in vans or delivery vehicles they allow the driver to open the door and not have to worry about closing and locking it if their hands are full. This lock will secure as the door is slammed shut. It’s particularly useful for multi drop deliveries or couriers with high value cargo on van doors that can slide themselves shut and lock automatically. The lock itself won't affect any existing mechanisms either, it can be easily added to work alongside anything existing. The slam lock can also be opened and overridden from inside the vehicles.

  • Compression Locks
  • Compression locks allow you to tightly seal things shut. Most popular for use with camping gear and vehicle canopies, you can adjust the amount of pressure they use to perfectly fit your needs. Popular not only for their tight security when used with rubber seals, compression lock is an easy push to close mechanism.

  • Latch Locks
  • Latch locks are great as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They can be added to the inside, outside, or on the surface of doors without affecting existing mechanisms. Mostly found on gates, and doors that need to close but not lock, they offer a simple, easy, and functional solution. The mechanism allows doors to be closed and latched to stay shut, without locking. They will hold doors shut, but are simply undone with a pull.

  • T Folding Locks
  • Most useful for tool box containers and vehicle trays, T folding handle locks can be welded or screwed onto metal. They offer super secure fastening and locking as well as ease in functionality with the T handle lock. The folding mechanism means the handle can fold flush with the lock and sit out of the way. This is especially hand for use on vehicles when you want to minimise having bits and pieces sticking out over the lace.

  • Panel Locks
  • If you’ve got a door that needs keyless entry but you’d still like to be sure is kept shut, panel locks are the perfect solution. With easy lift panel handles they’re as easy as they are functional. The simple and straightforward design means they can be installed on doors and sit flat with the surface. As the handle is lifted the latch retracts and the door is able to open. To shut a door with a panel mechanism you can simply push the door shut and it will latch closed.

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