Connecting to chasis

EcoFloor :

Bounded or bolted as per NIDAFLOOR

Thickness and maximum dimensions

Panel Thickness (mm) Maximum Load Accepted (kg) Self Supporting Weight Kgs/m² (+/-10%) Core Material Glassweight (gr) Maximum Length (mm) K Value
Ecofloor 32 500 YES 11.1 PET HD foam 2600 11900 1.05
42 750 YES 12.1 PET HD foam 2600 11900 0.77

Our panels conforms to the norm AFNOR NF T-57-950-1 relating to composite panels in a commercial vehicle application.



Tests and safety

The load capacity of all our floors have been verified on a factory built test bed.

It consists of a manual pallet loader carrying a weight of between 500-1000 kgs. It is monitored by an automatic motor that will roll the load up and down the floor which can achieve 30,000 cycles per week.

We consider that a floor has passed the test successfully if, after 60,000 cycles, the floor shows no visible or internal damage.


  • Industrial bodywork, floors of dry and insulated bodies, bus
  • Catering containers
  • Food industry, cold chambers
  • Building, gangways, balconies