5 Common Misconceptions About Locks

5 Common Misconceptions About Locks

Locks are one of the primary mechanisms used to secure homes, shops, offices, precious objects, and vehicles. There is a huge selection of locks available to cater to multiple requirements. From compression locks, padlocks, latch locks or a folding T handle lock. When it comes to choosing a lock, your options are almost endless.

Things to know about Locks

Misconceptions about locks and how they work will often lead to misunderstanding. We've decided to debunk the 5 most common misconceptions about locks so you can choose the right lock.

  • A lot of people assume all locks are similar. This is not the case. Every lock has its own unique characteristics. Every lock offers a different level of security, looking into the different ratings of locks and picking one that aligns with your needs means you won’t pick the wrong one for the job. The higher the rating is, the more difficult it is to bypass it using lock picking tools or brute force.
  • Some locks come with keys that say “do not duplicate”, a considerable number of users think that copying keys with the inscription written above is illegal. Surprisingly, there isn't actually any legally binding law surrounding this inscription on your keys and thus they don't keep you any more secure. This message started appearing on keys when landlords and employees wanted to deter any unwanted people from copying keys without permission. It might be possible that some keys can’t be easily copied because of their unique build and there are some specific tools required for this purpose.
  • Picking cam locks or any other locks with pins and other objects is not as easy as it looks in the movies. Bypassing a lock with handy tools like hairpins and paper clips is a tricky task. With the way in which technology and locking mechanisms have advanced, it's nowhere near as simple or easy as it may have been in the past. There are a lot of pins in a lock that has to be elevated and twisted in a specific manner to open a lock which is not always possible with the tools mentioned above.
  • A lot of people think that there is some sort of master key that will open almost any lock. This is a mere misconception. There are no such master keys. An organization installing a number of locks in their premises might ask the manufacturer to build a master key for use in case of emergency but with locks, there is no one size fits all.
  • There is a misconception that you can remove a key that is stuck in a lock with the help of a bent wire tipped with super glue. However, This trick will actually do much more harm than good to your lock and make it totally dysfunctional. Poking and prodding around your locks when there is already something stuck in there is never a good idea. You can end up getting things stuck even deeper. If you have a concern with your lock, call a professional.

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Locks are important for the security of our homes, offices, and pretty much anything that requires security from intruders. It's always important to ensure you do your research to make sure you get the right information and all of it. This is why we've busted these common myths and misconceptions. Stay safe!

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