Feature 1


This system will benefit large institutions with multiple locks and user requirements. It is easily tailored for flexibility of access and superior security. This system locks electronically without using batteries or power. Installation is straight-forward as batteries and power are not needed for the lock or key component, also minimising maintenance associated with the system.

Feature 2


The iLOQ system works on a secure cloud server and contains access rights in the key and lock which can be managed on-site or online, a new key can be issued in 15 seconds. The chip within the key and lock talk to each other throughout a coding system allowing the door to open

Feature 3


iLOQ is simple to install within an existing door system as existing locks only require a retro fit and no electrician for installation. Other systems have battery programmed keys that run out of power quickly and magnetic strips that wear out. In contrast the iLOQ system has a far superior life span.

Feature 4


The locking system also creates further opportunities for a padlock to be integrated, which is not possible for many other systems.




iLOQ Programming


The iLOQ system can be managed centrally with a master keying system. This allows keys to be simply replaced without replacing the entire system when one is lost. Tracking individual users, the time accessed and location is possible because of the electronic nature of the system. The system achieves superior security as it tracks admitted access and denied access. Surveillance can be managed by organisation, security provider or we can manage this through SELECTLOK. Access can also be managed in real time with codes removed or added easily from the main system or remotely. This also allows limited access to be granted instantly to a room remotely in emergency or critical situations.