Important Reasons To Revisit The Locks Around Your Home Or Business

Important Reasons To Revisit The Locks Around Your Home Or Business

Living in metropolitan cities can have their benefits, as well as challenges. One of the key worries of today’s urban dwellers is securing the home, given schedules that require them to stay out for various reasons.

Sometimes, the most viable method to securing your house is getting the locks rekeyed or reinstalled. Locksmiths change the pattern of the pins in your lock so your old keys no longer work, or at times, remove the locks and install new ones. Exactly when should you get locks rekeyed or reinstalled? Here are a few reasons.

When to get locks reinstalled? 

Moving into a new home

Before you unpack and set up your new home, make sure you get your compression locks assessed by a professional. Also, the previous homeowner may have provided copies of keys to close relatives, neighbours and friends. To stave off any risk, it’s best to have locks changed or rekeyed.

Sometimes we can get lax and have this as the last thing on our to-do list, but it’s always better to be safe than facing an untoward situation later on.

Losing keys

When you lose a key, there’s a chance it could end up anywhere, including in the hands of potential intruders. Even if you end up finding the key later on, there’s always the possibility that it could have been copied. Hence, it’s better to replace the lock in this instance.

Damaged Locks

Rusty or damaged locks can prove easy walkovers for unscrupulous individuals. They are easy to manipulate and unlock, making it easier for potential intruders to break the lock and enter your home or business. Damaged locks should get replaced immediately.

Break-in attempt or burglary

It’s common sense to change locks if you're house has been breached such as through a burglary or even attempted break-in. It’s also smart to complement fool-proof locks with security cameras at well-placed locations to deter any similar attempts.

Someone Who Had the Key, But Shouldn’t Anymore

Perhaps you could be a business owner and might have given the key to an employee who no longer works for you. Or anyone from the gardener, cleaning professional, to a tradesman who spent time repairing something around the office might have had the key. It’s perfectly alright to trust people, but what if they no longer do business with you? It’s always better to go down the route of caution and have locks replaced.

Your Locks Are Simply Old

Had the same locks and keys for five or more years? Give your locks a refresh and yourself peace of mind. On the average, a person can have lost a key, or given copies to people at least 3-4 times over a five-year period. Hence, whether you just moved into your new home or office, or been in the same location for years, it’s always diligent to have the locks changed.

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