Looking After Your Hinges: Maintenance And Care

Looking After Your Hinges: Maintenance And Care

Hinges are an important part of any good door framework. They make things easier, more convenient, accessible, safe and secure. This is why it’s important to make sure you maintain and care for them. Industrial hinges Australia wide are relied on daily to keep things running, so here’s how to keep them in tip top shape for longer.

Why do you need to maintain hinges?

With any hardware or machinery regular maintenance means less risk of big breakages or faults in the future. Hinges are no different. A little bit of care more often means your hinges will last longer and stay stronger.

The easiest way to check up and tune up your hinges is to tighten up the screws. Whether your spring loaded hinges are for industrial, commercial, or personal at home use, the repeat motion they go through can quickly loosen screws and ruin threads. Re tighten your hinge screws to make sure they aren't wearing away at the door or frame they’re fastened to.

What to do about noisy hinges?

If your hinges are starting to get noisy this means they need lubrication. Squeaky bullet hinges are such a common problem but so commonly overlooked. An easy fix with some oil or hinge/lock lubrication products will quickly quiet any noisy hinge. It’ll also make sure things keep running smooth and make accessibility easier.

Rust can quickly damage and deteriorate a hinge. Exposure to moisture will put your hinges at risk. Coating them with oil or special hinge coatings regularly, helps protect them from rusting. If your hinges are exposed to the elements, near the ocean, or come into regular contact with water, this is something you need to look out for.

Stainless steel hinges are a great way to combat rust. Many of them are made with marine grade steel that will not rust anywhere as easily as other materials. Stainless steel is durable for industrial use and can withstand heavy duty usage.

Hinges will also build up with grime. If used in a warehouse or factory the likelihood of this is much higher. Dirt and grime can build up damage the inner mechanism of your hinges. Oils, lubricants, and coatings should protect hinges although if the build up has begun to affect the functionality of the hinge, silicone sprays work well to break down build ups.

Keep an eye on your hinges and don't let daily wear and tear break them down. Keep operations easy and efficient with industrial, commercial, or personal hinges. 

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