Selectlok Digital's iLOQ Digital Locking Range Featured On Security Expo

Selectlok Digital's iLOQ Digital Locking Range Featured On Security Expo

The iLOQ digital locking range is an innovative and futuristic digital access control solution that is completely batter-free. Yes, that's right. The iLOQ S5 and S50 ranges have zero batteries and all the benefits of an audit-able digital locking system. You can read our product feature here on the Security Expo website.

Batteryless? How does it work?

The iLOQ S5 range features keys that are all mechanically the same. On inserting the key the kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy powering the lock that will then authenticate the key. The future really is here! The iLOQ S50 does away with keys completely. The iLOQ S50 range uses the power that can be derived from your smartphone's bluetooth and NFC to power the lock and authenticate your access. Unlocking a padlock in the field with only your phone, it couldn't be easier.

How do they stay up to date?

The iLOQ range uses Device-To-Device technology allowing access rights to be shared between devices as they are updated using iLOQ Online and the iLOQ management software. Access rights can be updated instantly. With the iLOQ S50 range you can SMS keys with access restrictions and time restrictions. A maintenance worker needs access? No problem. SMS them a link which will download the app with their temporary access rights giving them access to the areas they need and will be revoked at the end of the day. Simple.

Why should I use iLOQ?

From securely protecting a single entry point to controlling access to a fleet of construction equipment to access for every door floor and building iLOQ will exceed your expectations. It is available in all the common sizes making installation a breeze. It can be incrementally rolled out, growing your network as you replace locks. You can keep track of every data point. Management of keys is much easier and you don't have to worry about lost keys. Maintenance is a cinch as the iLOQ S50 doesn't even have a keyway. The iLOQ range provides all the benefits of IOT digital locks without the need to worry about how to power them.

Should I get the iLOQ S5 or S50?

No need to choose, if you don't want to. The iLOQ S5 and S50 ranges are compatible with each other allowing you to create a network of keyed and keyless security.

How do I learn more?

You can read some more about the iLOQ range and see some of the products by clicking here.

Or you could email us now by clicking here and we will send you a brochure.

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