Setting Your Half Euro Profile Cylinder (also known as a Single Euro Cylinder)

Setting Your Half Euro Profile Cylinder (also known as a Single Euro Cylinder)

We sell a range of handles that use half euro profile cylinders or single euro profile cylinders. Half euros are a higher security cylinder with better protections against picking and brute force attacks (the ones we sell have anti-drill pins).

Handles with euro profile cylinders can also be fitted with euro profile cylinders you have purchased elsewhere. The amount of key combinations is far greater than standard CH or SK keyings. If you want, you can purchase euro profile cylinders with high end attack protection. 

When installing your euro profile cylinder it is important to set the cam or pawl correctly to ensure the handle functions correctly.

Pawl on a locking cylinder


Setting up cam lock

To set the cam take the cylinder out of the handle. On the back of the cylinder there is a flush round button. Pushing this in with a pen or screwdriver allows the pawl to be set. The pawl can only be set to predefined positions and the button should click back out. If it doesn't, gently move the pawl up or down until it clicks. If it still doesn't click out, you might need to press the button in again.

We quote the placement of the pawl or cam position when viewed from the front of the euro cylinder - with the keyway entrance facing.

Some pawl positions for common products are:

Midnight Special P1086-01-KIT-R = 1 o'clock
Midnight V3 10506 = 1 o'clock
Midnight V3 Mini 10507 = 1 o'clock 

If you have a product where you are unsure about where the pawl should be positioned you can move the pawl to where you think it should work and trial it. Make sure the handle locks and unlocks properly with the key being removable.

A common issue caused by an incorrectly set pawl is a handle which you can hear click lock but won't let you remove the key without unlocking it.

Selectlok sells some euro profile cylinders that have spring loaded pawls designed with the ability to slam close. The location of the pawls on these cylinders can not be changed.

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