Spring Loaded Hinges: What Why and How

Spring Loaded Hinges: What Why and How

If your hinges need to be updated your options are wide open. Most people think hinges are pretty standard but putting a little more consideration into what sort you use in your next project can really elevate your home. Spring loaded hinges are a great option if you’re looking to make your home safer, more secure, and more convenient. So here’s our guide on spring loaded hinges, from what they are, why and where you can use them, and how you can install and adjust them.


When it comes to spring loaded hinges it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Spring Loaded hinges have a spring inside the hinge cylinder that create tension and pressure allowing them to either push doors open or pull them shut without requiring any physical force. You’ve probably come across spring loaded hinges in things like screen doors. It’s a convenient design solution with multiple benefits.


Spring loaded hinges offer a variety of benefits. Install them on pool fences or backyard gates and keep your kids and pets safe by having gates automatically shut after use. Enjoy that little bit of extra peace of mind and make it easier when your hands are already full to make sure nobody slips through an open gate. Enjoy the warmer months without having to compromise on air flow or deal with unwanted pests. Springload screen doors and go in and out without leaving doors open for flies to flood your living room.

Another great thing about spring loaded hinges is the fact that you can customise them to fit your specific needs on a job. They can work both ways, to either open or close a door or gate. You can also adjust the tension in the hinge to control the amount of pressure it exerts. This means you can change the speed and direction your hinge works in to perfectly complement your home and make life easier.



Once you decide that spring loaded hinges are right for the job you can begin the install. As with any job planning is essential. You need to measure twice (or thrice!) and cut once. Mark up exactly where your hinges need to go and trace around them. Once you’ve drilled your holes you can assemble them as usual and screw everything into place. When your hinges are in place you can adjust the spring load. Different spring loaded hinges will have different apparatuses to change the tension and pressure levels.

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