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Dirak Bridge Handle - Support Pieces (End, Center & Wall End)

Dirak Bridge Handle - Support Pieces (End, Center & Wall End)


Price on Application

Please check availability: Dirak products are generally custom ordered from the supplier based on individual project requirements. Please note, some items may not be readily available in stock at time of enquiry. Delivery times from Dirak can vary accordingly however the majority of orders take between 14-21 days to be received into warehouse by Selectlok Australia.


  • Handle with Ø30mm in various length.
  • The Ø30mm diameter of the tube guarantees a sure and firm grip.
  • Precise and tight fit of the tube in the center support and the end pieces.
  • For vertical or horizontal applications.


  • 213-0101.03-00000 = end piece
  • 213-0102.03-00000 = center support
  • 213-0107.03-00000 = wall end piece
  • Fastening by hex. socket head cap screws M8, or hex. screws or with countersunk screws M8.
  • For the total size, please add 68mm to the tube length.
  • For wall fastening please take the end piece b).
  • The center support is optional, but should be applied for tube length over 466mm.

Material & Finish:

  • End piece, wall end piece and center support = PA, black

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Part Numbers: 213-0101.03-00000; 213-0102.03-00000; 213-0107.03-00000

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