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Dirak MLA Door Contact

Dirak MLA Door Contact


Price on Application

Please check availability: Dirak products are generally custom ordered from the supplier based on individual project requirements. Please note, some items may not be readily available in stock at time of enquiry. Delivery times from Dirak can vary accordingly however the majority of orders take between 14-21 days to be received into warehouse by Selectlok Australia.


  • Locking status can be evaluated.
  • Security optimisation.
  • Vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373.
  • Tool-less installation.
  • Matching cams as of 35 mm, product system 1-102 and 7-105.
  • No abrasion of the metal and therefore safety concerning electronic built-in components.
  • Good gliding properties, therefore low friction coefficient.
  • The assembly will be carried out with the already installed quarter-turn, it is possible to retrofit at any time.
  • The sliding ramp is attached to the frame by a prefabricated adhesive foil. (8.)


  • Note: Use of this MLA Door Contact diminishes the Cam's H-dimension by 6mm.
  • The slide shoe cannot be used with the following cams: 200-0606, 200-0608, 200-0610, 200-0613, 200-0614, 200-0402, 200-0404, 200-0406, 200-0408, 200-0410, 200-0506, 200-0508 and 200-0510 not for Dirak 3-point cams of product system 2-150, 1-102 and 7-105.


  • Slide shoe, sliding ramp = POM, natural
  • Adhesive strip = PET

Image References:

1. sliding ramp
2. slide shoe
3. place latch under the cam
4. slide housing onto the cam and the latch
5. latch must lock audibly into the window
6. ramp 3mm
7. attach sliding ramp to frame

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