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PI5285-KIT - Boss Kit & Shaft Adapter

PI5285-KIT - Boss Kit & Shaft Adapter


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  • This Boss Kit converts flat rod-capable swing handles into standard flat cam swing handles suitable for round rods.
  • Available to allow full 360° or 180° rotation of the cam.

Suitable For:

  • IND-C Series Australian Oval Profile Swing Handle
    • 1107SBBA3-IND-C
    • 1107SCCA3-IND-C
  • IND-C Series Economy Barrel Swing Handle
    • 1107SBBU3-IND-C-## (## represents keycode number)
    • 1107SBBU3-IND-C-NL
  • IND-C Series Euro Profile Swing Handle
    • 1107SBBU3-IND-C
    • 1107SCCU3-IND-C
  • IND-C Series Padlockable Swing Handle
    • 1107SSS04-IND-C
    • 1107SBB04-IND-C
    • 1107SCC04-IND-C

Standard Cams Available:

  • Single point cam with various H dimensions
  • Roller Cams available
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